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Weekly Challenge Rules

Each Week, a new problem will be posted on the JOMO facebook page and this page. To participate, either send a private message to our facebook page or send an email to the JOMO email with your name solution. At the end of each week, the leader-board will be updated with your name and score.

Weekly Challenge Leaderboard

  1. Ryotaro Chiba - 8 points
  2. Ilya Pchelintsev - 5 points
  3. Abhishek Bakshi - 5 points
  4. Debjit Mandal - 5 points
  5. Andrea Gallese - 6 points
  6. Ashay V. - 3 points
  7. Mursalin Habib - 3 points
  8. Daniel Liu - 3 points
  9. Ildoo Kim - 2 points
  10. Mathh Mathh - 1 points

Past Contests

JOMO Contest 15

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Theme : NoBash

Date : 29 July 2015 00:00 GMT - 5 August 2015 00:00 GMT

Contest 16

Theme : None

Date : 9 September 2015 00:00 GMT - 16 September 2015 00:00 GMT

JOMO Halloween

Theme : Halloween

Date : 28 October 2015 00:00 GMT - 4 November 2015 00:00 GMT

JOMO Christmas

Theme : Christmas

Date : 25 December 2015 00:00 GMT - 1 January 2016 00:00 GMT


The Junior Online Math Olympiad (JOMO) is an Intermediate Monthly Online Math Competition for students whose mathematics ability is above their peers.

There are many online math competitions to those who are enthusiastic about math and find their school curriculum, like Proofathon, NIMO, and OMO. However, these competitions might be a bit too hard for some people who are also interested. The Founder of JOMO, Yan Yau, has a few friends that are enthusiastic about math but are not able to participate in the competitions mentioned above as it was too hard. This is why Yan Yau has decided to create the Junior Online Math Olympiad. To let those who are enthusiastic but less able to be able to participate in competition math as well.

Who We Are

Yan Yau Cheng

Founder / Manager

Kishlaya Jaiswal

Web Designer

Cody Johnson

Problem Writer

Christopher Boo

Problem Writer

Guilherme D. Corte

Problem Writer

Michael Tang

Problem Writer

Zi Song Yeoh

Problem Writer

Priyansh Sangule

Problem Writer

Thinula De Silva

Problem Writer

Trevor Birenbaum

Problem Writer

Melodies Sim

Problem Writer

Aditya Raut

Problem Writer

Kanissorn Santichaiyakul

Problem Writer

Mehul Chaturvedi

Problem Writer

Finn Hulse

Problem Writer


Team Format And Competitions : The JOMO is an individual monthly week-long competition aimed for high-school students.
There will be 10 short questions each worth 1 point asking for numerical answers and 3 or more long questions asking for short proofs and explanations the amount of points awarded for each question will be different depending on its difficulty. The points awarded for the long questions depends on the quality and validity of the proof.

Rules : Participants are not allowed to use electronic drawing aids or other computational aids. Calculators that do not have a Graphing function can be used. However, if there is notation or math terms that the participant does not understand the participant is allowed to search the term up on the internet.
Participants should not discuss problems other participants on other teams until the contest ends. We will be checking public forums, posting solutions are discussing about active test questions will result in disqualification and you will not be allowed to participate in future competitions.
If we find out you cheat, you will recieve a warning and your score for that competition will be deleted. If you cheat again you will not be allowed to participate in future competitions.

Methods Of Submission : Answers will be written and turned into a PDF document (You can use any document program you like, but when you hand it in as a PDF) and sent to the email jr.onlinematholympiad@gmail.com

The Format of the PDF document needs to be as follows:

  1. Your Name, Your email needs to be on the TOP of the Document
  2. Next the answers to the Short questions, preferably in a table
  3. Next the answers to the Long questions, Write around paragraph to explain your answer.

The subject of the email will be "JOMO n Submission" where n signifies the number of the competition

Result : Results and scores of the Competition will be posted here

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